“Lynn is a breath of fresh air for me, Couldn’t have done it without her!”

After my divorce, I felt good with my progress to establish myself as a single person. Then I happened to meet Lynn. So glad that I did. Lynn is open-minded, fun to talk to, and energetic. I feel open and free to talk about everything, and I do mean everything, guys. Honest answers that I need are easy to grasp and apply. We sorted through the online meeting sites and discovered ways of presenting my best self.  Choosing the ladies that met my desires without wasting time on just another pretty face. Lynn helps with engaging conversation, how to dress, and NOT to. Every time that we talk my questions are answered, and my confidence builds. There are always new things for discussion and Lynn has answers. Here is one of the things that I learned from Lynn. When you meet your date for the first time, in person or a zoom date, don’t dress like you did when you got divorced. Impress your date with a collared shirt, casual pants, and shoes, dress like the man you are rebuilding, not what you were. You’ll stand out from the other slobs. AND don’t come empty-handed. A simple flower wrapped from a florist shows you are thinking and planning for your meeting. She will recognize the importance of your efforts immediately. Trust me. When she sees you for the first time and you are striding up to her feeling confident, with a flower for the lady, she’s gonna like it, and so will you. Good stuff, huh? This is me, Ron 69 years old and ready to go after a 37-year marriage.
Lynn is a breath of fresh air for me, from day one until today. Couldn’t have done it without her. Rebuild to the man that you want to be and don’t show up on your
first date empty-handed.

“Working with Lynn is so valuable.”

Ron M. Cambria, CA.

5 stars


“Date Me Solutions created an assessment and photographs that define who I am and the life that want to share with Ms. Right. As a result of my improved image, coaching and defining the “Real Me” I have attracted a better quality and quantity of potential mates.”

“When you go fishing remember to use the right bait”

-Don B.

5 stars

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Lynn Lassotovitch, MBA

Singles Event Producer & Single Life-Coach and Image Consultant

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