Singles Tip: Buyer Beware

My friend dated a lady from out of town for a few of months. In the days prior to the demise of the relationship his lady friend accessed this fella’s
contact list without his awareness. This lady proceeded to text all of this fella’s women friends stating that she was his intimate girlfriend of several months and to stay away from him.
I received one of those texts and replied that “he is a great guy and I hope that you take good care of him.”
I immediately called this friend laughing. My friend was embarrassed, and he apologized profusely. My only comment: I’m just glad that it happened to you instead of me! The moral of the story: secure your phones and address books because ……
your new love may not be your last love.

How To Ask a Girl or A Guy Out on a Date

In this day and age, it is not always the guy who must ask the girl out. If you want to ask someone out try to learn about their likes, dislikes, activities, and places of interest. Or shoot from the hip with a list of your own likes. Talk about what is going on in your town (events, movies, sights) to stimulate interest. Below are some hypothetical conversations.

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