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Single Life-Coach and Image Consultant

Lynn Lassotovitch

After becoming single I found that I had forgotten who “I” was, what “I” liked, as well as the things that gave my life meaning. A journey of self-discovery answered those questions and more. It was also important to analyze the type of men with whom I had found a mutual attraction. I discovered why we were attracted to one another with consideration for what worked and did not. I have established a focused and targeted method of finding suitable mates.
I reinvented my true-self for a life that is full of vitality and passion.

Most of my life I have been a coach and I want to be your cheerleader, as well
as helping you to rediscover your true-self and the right mate.
You can find your life full of vigor and joy!

Singles Event Producer


Fresno and Visalia


Coaching, Custom
Dating Profile and
Executive Package.

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Lynn Lassotovitch, MBA

Singles Event Producer & Single Life-Coach and Image Consultant

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