How To: Ask A Girl Or Guy Out For A Date

In this day and age, it is not always the guy who must ask the girl out. If you want to ask someone out try to learn about their likes, dislikes, activities, and places of interest. Or shoot from the hip with a list of your own likes. Talk about what is going on in your town (events, movies, sights) to stimulate interest. Below are some hypothetical conversations.

1. “There is an ART HOP in ________, it’s all about photography, nature or modernist would you like to come or meet me at the event.”

2. “I am thinking about going to see _______ at the movies on Friday or going to the concert in the park.” Do you have any interest in meeting me at one of the events or coffee?”

3. “I like to go to Starbucks on Saturday morning and walk around the shopping center, would you like to join me there?

Asking someone out is like asking a friend to coffee, with no expectations, and no emotional investment. Asking someone out is more fun and successful when you can offer suggestions on where, when, and how the date will unfold. Providing a picture for his/her mind makes the prospect of dating you more exciting.

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Lynn Lassotovitch, MBA

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